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Show Information

Beginners Shows

Beginners Shows are open to any dog and handler eligible to compete in KC shows at grade 1 and any handler running a DOG from a higher grade that has never been placed in the top 10 at a KC show. Dogs may compete at one jump height below that for which they are eligible if you wish to run your dog over a lower height you may run for clear round rosettes only. Courses are extremely simple. There are 5 jump heights: micro, small, medium, standard, large. Limited to 300 runs. Agility has no weaves and no seesaw, Steeplechase has just jumps and tunnels. If the weather is nice there will be a practice ring. This show usually runs indoors in a secure venue where we can shut the gate, but we cannot guarantee this. If you have any extreme behaviour or temperament problems with your dog please let us know in advance we are very sympathetic. You may carry a toy in your hand while you compete but you may not throw it. No food may be taken into the ring.

Winter Series

For dogs in KC grades 1-7 the categories are:

  • Small/Micro Grades 1-3
  • Small/Micro Grades 4-7

Small dogs are those which measure under 350mm at the shoulder they may jump at either small height (35cm) or micro height (25cm) results will be combined.

  • Medium/small Grades 1-3
  • Meium/small Grades 4-7

Medium dogs are those which measure between 350mm and 450mm at the shoulder. They may jump at either medium height (45cm) or small height (35cm) results will be combined.

  • Standard/Large Grades 1-3
  • Standard/Large Grades 4-7

Standard/Large dogs are those which measure over 450mm at the shoulder. They may compete over either standard height jumps (55cm) or large height (65cm) results will be combined.

If you have an older or younger dog and wish to compete over lower jumps than those specified for the height of your dog then you may run for clear round rosettes only.
Courses, which are set around grade 3 standard, will be the same for all categories and can only be walked at the beginning of the class and not between heights.
The three shows are run as a tournament. Points will be awarded for places in each class at each show as follows: 1st 20 points, 2nd 19 points, 3rd 18 points, 4th 17 points, 5th 16 points, 6th 15 points, unplaced clears 10 points. Points tables will appear on the website after each show. At the last show trophies will be awarded to the dogs with the most points in each of the four categories. Limited to 500 runs.

Rules and General Information

The shows are all held at a working equestrian centre. Please keep your dog on the lead and pick up after it at all times. There is a small totally fenced field dog proof field next to the horse walker where you can let your dog off the lead. If there is no cross country on you may walk your dogs in the woods but there are pigs in there. They are now fenced so that they cannot get out but the dogs can get in as the fencing is very low so please be very careful and keep your dogs under control. The speed limit once you enter the property is 5 mph that is very slow, less than walking speed anything faster is dangerous. Imagine if your dog slipped its collar when someone was driving too fast and don't do it!

All dog poo must be put in the dustbin near the rings or directly on the bonfire in the woods and not in the red bins. Dogs must be at least 16 months to compete.

Training rounds are allowed at all shows. You may run with a toy in your hand for clear round rosettes only. If you are doing a training round you will be allowed 60 seconds on the course. Please inform the scrimer if you wish to train.

No bitches in season.

Anyone considered to be harsh handling will be asked to leave. Spray collars and pet correctors are not permitted. If you have an aggressive dog please keep it away from the other dogs, if you let us know then we will make sure you do not miss your turn.

Please do not use squeaky toys near the ring although you may use one in the ring if you are training. If you are carrying one in a beginners show you may not squeak it when you are competing. Jump heights are micro, small, medium, standard and large using the KC measuring system. For beginners shows a standard dog is under 20” at the shoulder.

There will be only one ring.

Courses are the same for all heights and may only be walked at the beginning , not between heights. Rosettes will be presented to at least 10% and prizes to 3rd in each category in each class. We combine the micro/small heights. In beginners shows the standard and large are separate. Clear round rosettes are available in all classes at the beginners shows and in all classes except the steeplechase at the other shows.

Entries can be booked by email or using the online form which will shortly be available on the website but payment must be received within 7 days or the entry will be cancelled.

Entries close 2 weeks before the date of the show after which no refunds or transfers to other shows can be made. However, if we have not reached our limit late entries will be accepted on the day although it is helpful to know the night before for the paperwork.

Running orders will be sent out by email a week before the show, Monday morning at the latest. If you do not receive yours please let me know, emails often disappear. Running orders will also be available to be viewed on the day.


Pachesham Agility provide FREE tea and coffee, please help yourself from the urn. We do provide cups but you may wish to bring your own mug. Pachesham also has a canteen at the top of the drive on the right in the green building, selling bacon rolls, chips etc. They are usually open for the duration of the show although we cannot guarantee this.